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"What new product was there, that Italians, in the postwar economic boom, could like as much as other products that Ferrero had created before?
It's 1964 and Michele Ferrero is working on a new "invention": it's the famous NUTELLA, a product to suit new demands and appeal to every market.
In his quest Michele Ferrero started with Pasta Gianduja, created in 1946, brick-shaped and wrapped in aluminium foil, solid cream ready to be cut into slices; going further with Supercrema, ready to be spread onto bread, which was created in the early 50's.
The choice of the name is not a coincidence: it is just "a name which is easy to remember", and, after all those years and the great success all over the world, you just have to agree with the idea of ITS creator..."

Paola (From Ferrero 1946-1996)

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